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Here are a few reasons why our customers choose us!

Completely Covered and Paved Facilities (Lakeland-Sandpiper, Davenport, Punta Gorda)

Sun, wind, rain, and birds can break down the paint protection on the surface of your vehicle. Storms can be unpredictable, and you want to ensure you are covered. All spaces at our Lakeland (Sandpiper), Davenport, and Punta Gorda locations are covered or enclosed. Our paved aisles will help keep your vehicle clean; no more walking through standing water, grass, or mud.

Our Fully Enclosed Spaces Offer the Most Protection

At the top end of our offerings are premium, fully enclosed garage units. Each unit has 14 ft tall roll-up doors that can be secured with a latch and private lock, and can accommodate vehicles 45ft to 50ft in length. They also have interior LED lighting and 30 amp electric service included.

Fully Fenced and Gated

To better secure your investment, we have electronically controlled gate access with individualized codes to our fully fenced facility. As additional security we require gate codes to be entered at exiting the facility to prevent tailgating.

Video Camera System and Flood Lights

Once on property, you will see the many video cameras that capture and record any activity on the site. We also have flood lights throughout the property that illuminate the parking and driveway areas along with additional lighting under the covered canopies.

30 and 15-amp Electrical Service Available

You will want to keep your batteries optimally charged. We provide 30-amp electrical service for our larger RV customers and 15-amp service for smaller RVs and Boats. This is an additional monthly cost and is available for most spaces if desired.

Free Water

You can fill your holding tank with potable water at any time at our convenient fill station.

Free Ice

Stop by our ice machine to top off your cooler when heading out. Help yourself to our free ice any time you are on property.

Free Tire Inflation

Before heading out on the road, be sure to check to make sure your tires are properly inflated. We have a compressed air station with an extra long hose and gauge for your convenience.

Self Storage Units Available

Need more space to store your extras? Our Lakeland – Sandpiper location has storage units for Century Boat & RV Storage parking tenants. Place your possessions inside, roll down the door, lock it, and you have the convenience of having the things you need when you need them.